My earliest interest in photography came after seeing a photo my dad took of Blackpool pier; from then I was always fascinated with photos and imagery. Especially in magazines like Vouge, Elle GQ.

Having pursued a career in dance, photography was always something I wanted to do in the future. Whilst working abroad I would always be looking for the perfect shot, best angle the beautiful light.

In 2009 whilst away working in Portugal, I eventually bought my first DSLR!
After using the camera for a week or two I took my first fashion shoot and I knew it was what I wanted to do from that moment.

Since then, assisting photographers and working with make up artists giving me the skills and knowledge I have today to create the images I love.

My passion is working with dancers, actors, models and anybody creative. Im so passionate about getting the best out of people, it's what I do.

Baised in Twickenham

So thanks for looking at my website, please email me for details.